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i want a lover i dont have to love [entries|friends|calendar]
annalisa <3 its with two N's ; bitch face

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[03 Jun 2006|08:17pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

i kinda forgot about this thing.
cool beans thou.
lets see. hmmm....
well i hate jordan.
and me dennis bunk and wanda are bffl
manda is attached to dereks hip
school is almost over.
and i love getting drunk.
god this summer is going to be fucking awesome.
write again in 3 months <3


[05 Oct 2005|08:42pm]
[ mood | loved ]

everything is perfect right now,
and i wouldnt ask for anyone better
in the entire fucking world <333333333333


oh & i forgot to mention.

my hatred for you is stronger than ever now.

but im not letting your bullshit get in the way.


k bye


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[08 Sep 2005|06:31pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]


1st period.
themes in lit with pank.
with wand&co.
easy A.

photography with brinker.
good class, bad ppl in it.
with wanda.

english with van dam.
with wand&co.
very interesting.

chem with pignatello.
with wand&co.
seems kinda cool.

with wand&co.
sphmores are taking over. lol.

history with gintyyyyy
with no one. =(
i love ginty.

italian with washburn
with sheep.
9 ppl in my class?

algebra 2 with michaeli.
&we cannot talk and it sucks.
it looks like it gonna go good thou.
learing wise.

yeah thats my opinion on the 2nd day. lol


[03 Sep 2005|12:57pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Dear Dennis Michael Colton,


maybe you should realize that before things get fucked over bc of your stupidity.

love always,




ps. ill be down the shore this weekend.

call me?


[31 Aug 2005|02:58pm]
[ mood | loved ]

hes amazing.
i dont think im ever letting him go.

god. he makes me so happy.
this is what ive been looking for.

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[19 Aug 2005|12:31am]
[ mood | drained ]

tonight was definately interesting

i thought i wanted to type it all out.
but i started typeing. and i dont.

just note that it was very interesting.

but kissing your best friend
to spite the girl you hate.
is kinda REALLY akward.

yeah. it is.

oh yeah, and my family needs to leave me alone.
like now.
if my parents were here you wouldnt give 2 shits about me.


[15 Aug 2005|12:17pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

day one ws interesting

wanda and dennis came over at like 12..early much?
we swam, ate pizza&grravy fries <3
then me&my brother went to my aunts to eat
we got back i fell asleep for a little than i got in touch with sheep
than her&denny co came over
we were upstairs and my brothers friends were downstairs
we got efffed up, with what sheep calls it 'happiness that grows from the earth' lol.
yeah it was funny, dennis almost started freaking out again. i dont know why he does that but it freaks me out, we would be talking and he would just zone out completly &his face was as white as a fucking ghost it scared me, and i looked at him and i was like are you going to puke? and hes like yeah so i run him into the bathroom &i never seen him puke so much, and ive seen him puke many many times, but never that much, i have no clue what made him do that. but than after he puked he was fine and everything was good again. than it started like lighting like crazy, ive never seen it like that be4 it was nuts. so yeah, that i straightned dennis hair lol i love doing it, and we just chiled around until the rain stopped than her mom picked them up at like 11 and i didnt go to sleep until 2.

i wish wanda was with us last night <3
and now today dennis started shoprite and i waiting for him to get home at 2 so we can go to the mall.


[13 Aug 2005|12:20am]
[ mood | amused ]

hmm...today was interesting. it consisted of this.

-go tanning with dennis. we died bc of the heat from walkling back&forth.
-got home showered, slept, mom came home and freaked out. cleaned everything up.
made plans. ate dinner.
-met up with wanda and dennis at starbucks.
-i was terribly pissed off at my mom
-but dennis always knows how to make me laugh.
- he had his ipod and i danced around the parking lot.
-we walked to moos.
-we were the last ones in there
-some girl dressed up as a the maggie moo cow and came and talked to us.
-it was hillarious.
-i tried to get dennis to take a picture with her but he wouldnt and he got deathly afraid of her all of a sudden.
- we hung around outside and he said something that made me VERY mad.
-i got over it
-came home unpacked groceries getting stuff ready for when i go away.
-whos excited? I AM!.
-chyeah call me if you want to party.


[06 Aug 2005|06:29pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

i fucking hate everything thats going on right now.
my uncles a fucking dickhead. and i hate him.

i want to get the fuck away from this house and everyone.
im in the worst mood ever.

hopefully being with dennis andd wanda will make me forget about somestuff.
but who knows .

and i am swearing with everything iown. and everyone who reads this is my fucking witness.
he will NOT ask her out.
EVER. and i will be the one to stop it.
i dont care what goes down it wont happen.
cuase that will seriously make me 20x more pissed off.

oh yeah, and i dont care if YOU read this.
go ahead and cry. see how much i care.


[29 Jul 2005|11:27pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

its amazing what youll find when you just open your eyes sometimes lovecan leave you blind but still you try to cover all the lies and ignore all the signs sometimes love can leave you blind what i thought was a certainty had left me spinning in circles again comparing to the last time that we spoke it seems to me that you're not happy like you used to be to y ou im like a flavor that wouldnt last you took one bite and spat me out real fast and now this mark remains and it will never go away.



[09 Jul 2005|12:44am]
[ mood | crushed ]

yeah. i really have no confidence in myself at all.
i make myself feel bad.just by talking to amanda.
like bad to the point of me crying

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[29 Jun 2005|12:14am]
[ mood | confused ]

okay right now im listening to ohio is for lovers and the line " i cant make it on my own" works perfect for what im feeling right now. cuase i cant make life on my own. yeah, ill get more into it later, but just be expecting a long entry.

okay so thursday was garden, twas tons of fun, manda came early, than wand and den came we chilled, ate pizza and such. than jess karen&jamie came to my house, and we all walked down to garden. and we drank of course, not too much thou, karen ended up whiping out a shot glass, which was the funniest thing ever. but yeah we got there and the line wasnt that bad at all, we got in fast. made friends with the guys next to us, they were okay, one had a lazy eye, it made me laugh. we got in, i saw caity&jenna, they were drunk off there asses, like whoa. it was fun. didnt see anyone else from heights, cept for marissa gamble who was there with some of her friends. yeah, so me jess n amanda go out dancing, and were having fun some guys are like preforming on the stage or what not, and were having a good time. than like out of nowhere we get like mobbed like serioulsy mobbed. some guys come outta nowhere and start dancing with all 3 of us, so were like okay whatever, and just giving each other faces, twas funny. but than some guy comes in between me n amanda. so its some guy, me, some guy, amanda, some guy. lmao. and jess is off to the side with the sean raney look alike. so the guy in front of me grabs my hand, so i thought it was amanda like trying to hold onto me, but than another hand grabs my other hand so im standing there in between 2 guys with no hands..so i look down and realize that its NOT amandas hands, and the guy behind me, his hands start going up my shirt, so i rip my hands outta his and move this guys hands down i was like whoa whoa whoa, sir. so yea, the song ends they leave, we laugh alot, we go on with our lives, than some other guy comes and pulls me aside to dance, and i didnt realize if amanda or jess were dacing with anyone but i think they were, yea so were dancing and dancing,than he flips me around, and were dancing and danceing, and im really not paying attention or anything, than he like grabs my face and starts making out with me,i seriously didnt realize at first, than i pulled away and i was trying to look around for jess and/or amanda but i didnt see them so i was stuck there with this guy, and he continues hooking up with me, i dont even remember what he looks like, so i was hooking up with him for a good 10 min, not knowing what to do. i will admit that it was pretty funny, bc i started cracking up afterwards. so than jess pops outta nowhere and motions me to come over by her, so i was like yeah, i have to go. and hes like aww. i was like thank god. so i go over and i see dennis and hes stareing at me walking to me and hes laughing, so i go up to him and im like deennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn and hes like im so proud of you, i was like noooooooooo i didnt even know what was going on. and we start laughing about it. and i go back by the bar and wand is standing there with her arms crossed, cuass when jess realized it was me she ran over and told every one. and i just started laughing, it was funny, ill admit. so than good songs come on and we all go out dancing it was fun. dennis dissapeared for a little cuase he got jealous that i hooked upwith someone and he didnt. so of course he did, cuase anyone will hook up with him. seriously. hahaha. i love him. so than like as soon as good songs start comming on, like my otra noche song came on<33333333 and than dennis is on the fone and hes like we have to go, i was like noooooooooooooo its otra noche!! lol. but yeah we left, kathleen picked us up. manda slept over, wand was supposed to but she didnt. so we just layed around and laughed about getting mobbed. than we made grilled cheese and ate doritos till we fell asleep. it was fun. the next day, if i do remember wanda came over we swam a little, than i ended up getting into a fight with chris. eww i hate him, yeah and i told him i did too, i really felt good. im glad amanda finally realizes that hes really not worth anything in the world. at all. yeah, i dont want to get into that. so yeah, than that night i went to a graduation party, it was stupid. i was on the phone with dennis the whole night basically. melissa&brielle were there, i told her that iw as going to her party, im excited for it, cuause we get to see everyone again.

monday was the first time i witnessed a wake AND funeral. it was harsh. yeah, my moms uncle died, at frist i didnt really care cause he wasnt that important to me but when i went there and saw him laying there...not alive, was really freaky, and he seen me grow up. so he really was a part of my live. and we got at the place early cuase we just did. so i was sitting there and i never realized how important and loved this guy really was. okay so he got married to my grandmas sister, who died a couple years after they got married, he was devistated and he had 2 small children at the time so he didnt know how to raise them, he had to go to work and all, so his family from italy, brought over some girl that was willing to get married to raise the kids and stuff, it wasnt really love or anything, i guess you can say that it was an arranged marrage. but anyways after his first wife died he became an alcholic, not like an abusive one or anything, he was a good father, as far i heard. so my grandma was always there to help him out with anything he needed, and she kept him around so he would have a family here in america, cuase his family was all in italy. so yeah,when he got older, he got really sick, and had to get both of his legs amputateds. so yea, i was sitting in the funeral home just stareing at him up there waiting for him to just like start breahte or someone, i was in such a daze, that my mom started talking to me and i seriously didnt hear her at all, she had to shake me to get me back. so than before i knew it the preist came and called people up to say there last goodbyes, so he called up like grandchildren and daugthers frist and everything. so than he calls up nieces and nefhews, which are all my aunts and uncles, my mom told me to come, but i felt like it wasnt my place, so they all go up, and at this point my grandma is SOBBING, like bad. so i go and sit next to her just to let her relax but she couldnt stop crying. so than that when it hit me, i started getting all teary, so than my uncle starts walking away from the coffin and he starts crying, and when this guy was still alive, he would always tell my uncle that when he dies he wants him to put a bottle of whiskey & ciggaretts in with him. so of course that what he did. so than i see my mom and everyone crying, so im just trying to stay strong and im handing everyone tissues and being the one to cry on. so than my grandma&grandpa get called up, my grandpa isnt the one to cry or show any emotion at all, i think im the only one who can actually get him to laugh. i love my grandparents to death, and i dont know what im gonna do when they die *knock on wood*, which is not anytime soon, but it is reality and it is going to happen eventually. my grandma doesnt speak much english so shes just standing by his coffin sobbing like crazy and just holding onto him and shes crying so hard that she cant even speak so shes like screaming trying to get the words out, it was bad. that made me cry. so than we follow him to the church, the church goes on, everyone is crying, blah blah, than we go to the cemetery. the big one in north arlington, where like everyone in my family has died is burried. so yeah he got burried ouside next to his wife and the crazy thing is, is that you could look down the hole and you saw like half of her casket, and shes been died for 40 years. i was freaked out,so everyone goes and puts the roses on top of his thing, and i got 2 roses cuase i wanted to put on my grandfathers thing, cuase he was there too, so my grandma put one for him and she threw one down for her, it was sad she just picked up whatever flowers she saw and threw them down for heri stood there with my grandma when they were lowering him cuase everyone went back to their cars and such, and since i knew my way around i went to go find my mom by my grandfathers thing and since hes inside i wanted to tape the flower onto his thing, i ended up having a red rose, a peach colored one, and a white carnation, so i go into the guys office and i asked him for a piece of tape and he was like no, theres no tape in the buliding your not allowed to tape anything on the walls. so i just walked out really upset, so i passed my mom and everyone and just went and stood next to his thing. i was crying, cuase i just wanted to tape the stupid flowers on his thing, so my dad comes over, cuase its my dads dad, and he holds onto me and he takes the i rose and carnation and sticks the ends into the cracks so that made me a little happy so i took the rose and i just told him that iw as going to save it forever, and thats what im planning on doing. yeah, other stuff happened, but i dont feel like typeing it. basically i got home, went out with wanda to starbucks, dennis came for a little, than left. i saw jess <3 there, she was with maureen&andrea. it was nice to see them again. came home, did nothing.

today we went to doba, mandas in hershey park.and i had my cousins graduation ceremony tonight so my mom picked me up from there and we went straight there she didnt evne have time to go home and change, whatever. it was long and boring, i was supposed to han out with jess, but i got stuck at my aunts house, i feel bad cuase my phone died and i didnt get to call her and tell her, but i wanted to hang out with them alot! but i will sometime this week and/or summer.
on the way home i got into a fight with my mom cuase some whore thats a friend with my aunt, told her that she saw me smokeing last year at the feast in hoboken, my mom got mad, i told her things, she told me to "be a leader not a follower". whatever, she told me that if i was a good friend, i would tell my friends to stop, itold her to shut up. ciase its really not a big deal, i guess shes over it, shes very dissapointed in me. it happenes.
im going out with dennis&wanda tomorrow, i dont care where. anywhere please.
i might be getting a job at nordstroms, good thing, i need money. bad.

yeah this is long enough, ill stop here <3
and if you read this whole thing and leave me a comment.
ill probly love you.

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[21 Jun 2005|10:51pm]
[ mood | calm ]

kay. this summer is going to be filled with some wild ass nights.
and crazyyy crazyyy hook ups.
and it already started
cant wait to see what the future holds
man im excited.


[15 Jun 2005|08:51pm]
[ mood | sick ]

this boy is amazingCollapse )

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[14 Jun 2005|09:10pm]
too bad when i read my last entry over, it makes no sence becuase im falling asleep and cant spell.

[14 Jun 2005|08:48pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

stuffs been cool i guess, finals start tomorrow, booooo. schools almost over...scary. this year had to be the fastest school year ever and it was the most fun. minus the drama with dennis. but that went over smooth and we rarely fight now which makes me happy. and i dont like him AT ALL which gets me happy cuase i can so whatever and he could say anything and i wont take it like serious, and i think about it, and i dont like him. ahhhhh i love it. its like such a weight off my chest. hes all obessed over alexa now, its insane. he said i was bad, please i was NEVER this bad. summers gonna be good, i have this strange feeling in me lol. omg. i saw the year book today, and it got me SO UNBILEVEABLE excited when i saw his picture EVERYWHERE. yeah it made me happy, i looked at it twice. just becuase. amandas dad is giving me his DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW EXCITING THAT IS!???!!!? anyone?..no?.okay moving on. i was talking to amanda before about something and she said this.

Singxme2xsleep [8:36 PM]: be yourself and trust me, he'll fall in love with you.. cause you're awesome the way you are, you just need to show him who you are

and it made me really happen, but i always let guys get the best of me and i need to stop. like right now.
sidetrack...i just read someones profyle and it made me sick to my stomache. seriously. he doesnt like you anymore. get the fuck over it. your not in love, he doesnt like you. your friends? okay cool. but he doesnt want to be your boyfriend anymore, you broke up remember?
another thing.
everyones away message is "fuck finals, call to save me" someone along those lines. but if everyone is studying for finals how could someone call you? whatever, im weird and im the kind of person that checks everyone awyas message when im super bored.
wanda came over after school, it was fun. its always fun with her. we are like attached at the hip i love her with everything i own and i cant say it enough.
yea i guess im done i know theres more to write i just done feel like it.


[07 Jun 2005|06:52pm]
[ mood | errrggg ]

do you even know what the fuck "love" is?!!?!?

no. you dont.

i was looking through myspace and certain people seriously piss me off with the whole i am so in love with this guy djlaskdfshfksdhjfkjdfhkjshfkdsjhf 4life. shut up. seriously just shut up already.  yea its something stupid to get all fussy about..but i get annoyed easily..ill admit it. but just stop....move to the other side of the country or something. it would help alot.

tomorrow is hershey park for band. im excited like whoa. its going to be fun. but im putting on like the whole entire bottle of sun block on my shoulders. oww burnntttt.

eww my mom is making chicken...i hate chicken...sometimes. depends what kinds.

me and wanda are going for a super long walk later..maybe it will only be me and her..i need to get alot out

i love wanda with all my heart and soul and dont know what i would do without her  <333333333333333.

oh yea...and dennis too sometimes.

k thats all.

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[03 Jun 2005|11:43pm]
im so fucking confused right now, that i dont even know whats going on...teen arts was awesome today, we had a great time and i was in a good mood all day, than we got back early and decided to go get chinese food, it was me wanda and bear, so i call dennis and of course he didnt want to walk all the way to ho mei to meet us, so we were like whatever, after that we ended up at my house, dennis came..surpriseingly.it was okay for the most part, than he started being an ass to me...like always...but its only because he knows it bothers me, well if you know it fucking bothers me than why do you do it? how can you tell me that im overthinking things, when you dont care..at all. and you make me super upset with some things you say...the least you could do was say sorry. so that started ruining my day a little, than he hadda go home or whatever, than i did bear and wandas makeup becuase we were making each other feel better cuase we were all in not so good of moods, so than we were all cheery and fine. than dennis calls and if all like ehh i dont know if i want to go blah blah...than amanda yelled at him, she said something to him that was not needed, and he got really really really pissed.and than he said he wasnt comming and i told him that if i found out that we went out with someone else i wasnt going to talk to him, so he came. and since i felt bad that he didnt eat or anything i bought him cheese pretsel rods because i know he likes them...than we get in the movie to go see lords of dogtown<333333333333333333 which was awesome. but in the movie he made it basically seem like he was ignoreing me, and i bought him pretsels...that got me mad, i made it seem like it didnt..whatever.
so i got into the movie...real bad. and i loved "jay" he was gorgeous. yea he really was. so than after the movie we went to fuddruckers cause wanda and dennis were super hungry so we go, they get there food.than me and amanda put our money together cuase we wanted fries, so i pour out like 2 dollars in change and we go get fries, and than dennis started being a douche and i was getting mad..like always..when dont i get mad? but yea than my mom came to pick us up and i was really uspet in the car, like i was serioulsy about to cry, my mom kept asking what was wrong i just told her i wasnt feeling well, becuase no one understands me when im upset. either that or no one cares, like no one. so i get home i go in my room, and just start fucking balling like i serioulsy couldnt take it anymore, and i left my phone downstairs and i come downstairs by the computer and i have 3 missed calls from dennis so i call him back and hes telling me how the guy that i liked from the movie was in grind becuase throughout the whole movie i was saying how he was in another movie and i couldnt figure out which one. so im trying really hard trying not to cry when i hear his voice, but i cant help it. so course hes like whats wrong blah blah, and i cant tell him whats really wrong, so i was like you know whats wrong and hes like your overthinking things which just got me even more upset becuase he has to argue with me when im sitting on the phone with him balling, i was fucking shakeing and he cant even say sorry or anything nope..all he goes is your overthinking things too much, so than i just made it seem like i was fine like always, and than we talked a little and than he said he hadda go, which i doubt he probly called diana right after that. as soon as i hung up with him i just started crying again..and ive been crying the whole time ive been writing this. i feel like a piece of crap that no gives 2 shits about. you dont understand how horrible i feel right now. i have no one to talk to, i have no one. at all.

your my best friend in the whole entire world, and i love you more than anything.
i would do anything for you and you know it.i just wish you would do the same for me.
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[28 May 2005|12:17pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

yesterday was amazing..
the beach with my 2 best friends in the whole entire world is absolutely amazing.
i dont know how id live without wanda and dennis..i really dont.
dennis stole me a necklace..the old dennis came back to visit yesterday. it was nice.
even thou he said one thing about a certain care bear...that got me upset. i pretended like i got over it. came home went to burgs, chilled took picture acted stupid..came home...ruined my great day...my moms a bitch.seriously. i cried myself to sleep, dennis woke me up and asked what happen last night, just knowing that he cared made me feel 2093209x better and i love him for that..im most likely going to talk to wanda later..
and im honsetly going to try my HARDEST to get back up here on sunday..i dont know whats going to happen this weeked i just know its going to be CRAZYY!...yea..
heading down the shore in like 45 min..im dreading it, but im bringing a buncha stuff that will keep be occiupied..and princess is going down and i think max is too, so it should be good. hopefully.....umm..no, no it wont. but whatever.
if you read this you should call me so im not bored outta my mind, yea so call and tell me something exciting..if i dont get back up here on sunday ill probly end up hanging out with amanda cuase shes going to be down the shore at belmar..so yea.
i think im done here.


[24 May 2005|07:23pm]
[ mood | tired ]

yea so like 2 days ago i wrote a whole journal entry that was really long and i wasnt even half way done with it..and i went to go save it and than i came home to edit it and it didnt save..i was mad..and i said that i was not going to type it all over again so heres a breif recap of my weekend.

wanda left before gym ended.
when i was walking to bio, tim ramed into me.
at lunch dennis showed me the skittles thing that rob put in his locker..and we laughed at how stupid rob is.
after school me jamie karen dennis bear and sheep all ended up at burgs.
it was alot of fun.
i had to leave early beause my mom made an apointment for my haircut and 7 at night..who does that?
i went home my mom came i went to go get my eyesbrows done..as soon as the lady starts dennis calls me and tells me how after he left burgs he had like 17 missed calls from the 7th graders and them leaving him messages.i thought it was funny, but he was mad about it. whatever.
than i went to go get my haircut, its cool..nothing dramatic same old..dennis said it looked the same and i knew he was going to say that.
than i met up with karen jamie dennis bear and sheep at fridays, they were just
finishing eating.
after we thought we werent going to fit in karens dad pick up truck so jamie was going to sit on dennis' lap...but we fit and dennis got mad it was funny. and me jamie and bear were bashing on him and how bad of a boyfriend he is/would be.
we go to the movies, get tickets, have a cig, be stupid, go pee, get seats, karen and jamie go leave to get food..dennis is saying how he wants to hook up with jamie or whatever he wants to do...i feel bad for his "situation" i dont think im gonna write it all out becuase certain people read my journal since its public and he would probly get mad at me if i wrote about it..but yea..i think he just needs to grow balls and SAY IT!!
so we watch the movie get yelled at...twas fun.
came home at like 11 30..dennis calls me wasnt expecting it..but hes telling me how someone is IMing him and saying how hes a fag or whatever and dennis is like i really dont care what you think or what your saying...becuase it didnt make any sence cuase they and they meaning rob coffey ..was like yea you cheat on your girlfriend and you go and fuck other girls..so that makes you gay..and dennis was like oh really?too bad that doesnt make any sense at all.yea..it was stupid.
and that was friday night.

i was supossed to go to the track meet with bear..but that never happened so my uncle calls me and he wanted me to go with him to this armed forces day parade with him at his job becuase he works at an army base or something so it was me my 2 cousins my aunt and uncle...it had to be the most boring thing in my entire life..like honsetly. it was horrible and than on the way home since it was like an hour away i fell asleep bc i was so fucking tired..so i slept..woke up and we were on the blvd which was a good thing so i go home lay around for like a half hour than i had to go get ready and crap becuasei had a comformation to go to..i was supposed to hang out with my moms friends daughters but it ended up that they didnt come..and i was bored i knew some girls there but..yea..i drank like 5 white russians and like 3 mellonballs and my moms cosmopolitan [sp?] thinking id have more fun if i were tipsy..that did nothing to me at all.. i was perfectly fine i was like man this sucks..yea came home at like 1 30..

woke up early to head down the shore to the house...its basically finished we just have to do like finishing touches...we had our frist dinner at the house it was fun...it was a fun filled day playing basketball and hot&cold and riding bikes playing hey arnold and getting ice cream with my little cousins...they're fun, but after like 8 straight hours of just goofing off i get tired...and annoyed..but i tried to make it seem like i wasnt..yea thats all i did that day...

monday was just monday..me dennis and wanda went to maggie moo's bc me and dennis never went their yet..yeah its pretty much amazing...yeaaaa..no more white chocolate chips lol. fun stuff..than me and dennis wanted to try quobas..we got nachos anda taco..and i realized that we always share food whereever we go..we put our money together buy what we want and share it..yea it happenes..

so than today was okay...we uhhh kinda did the same exact thing we did yesterday...but its okay we enjoy it..but this time we got qudoba first and than got ice cream and ended up at starbucks in the parking lot..oh yea..i found out a lunch that dennis and jamie kissed, twas really random. oh those 2, there going to be troble i can feel it.anyways i was so cold its crazy and i still am i have a thermal on a long sleeve shirt on and my sweatshirt on...yea im cold..yea memorial day weekend is this weekend no school friday monday or tuesday...going to be down the shore most of the weekend going to try my hardest to get back up for sunday becuase of soundgarden and dennis is going to beat me with a stick if i dont go..but im honsetly going to try hard to get back up. but hes going either way because alexa might be going..and hes not going to miss the chance to be at garden with alexa...yea its just not going to happen.
yea this is a really long entry and im so unbelieveably tired right nowbut i want to straighten my hair but im honsetly way to lazy to do so. so i guess i wrote way more than i souldof...but yea..

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